The Fehrs. Four centuries of Mennonite migration

In the dry desert land of Northern Mexico, old fashioned carriages tour dusty roads. In the coaches are men in dungarees and women with long skirts and hats. Their faces are worn, they are named Wiebe, Klassen and Friesen, and they speak a centuries old Dutch dialect.

They are Mennonites, descendants of Dutch Anabaptists, followers of the Dutch church reformer Menno Simons, who were prosecuted and murdered in the 16th-century. Many fled to Poland, generations later moved on to Ukraine and afterwards to the prairies of Canada and the desert of Northern Mexico.

This unknown Dutch history comes to life when reading the dramatic ups and downs of many generations of the Mennonite Fehr family. Their history can be traced back all the way to the 16th- century Amsterdam grain merchant Gysbert de Veer.

It is a story about heretics and martyrs, grain merchants and brandy distillers, about farmers, pioneers, autocratic leaders, drugs dealers and alcohol addicts, but above all about the endless search for salvation.

Publisher: Winco
ISBN 978 90 450 2001 3
264 pg. 13,4 x 21 cm
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Siebold en Japan. His life and his work.
With Matthi Forrer.

The German doctor and scientist Philip Franz von Siebold (1796-1866) played a major role in the development of Western scientific disciplines in Japan, especially in medicine. Equally important were his contributions to Western knowledge about Japan, which remained virtually closed to the outside world until 1854. This work depicts the life of this impassioned man whose love for Japan and its people resulted in the creation of several definitive ethnographic, zoological and botanical collections, which are housed in the Museum Volkenkunde and Naturalis in Leiden. Part of these collections can be viewed in the Siebold Museum, established in 2000, and housed in the former private house of Siebold on the Rapenburg in Leiden.

Also in a Dutch and Japanese edition

Uitgever: Hotei publishing
ISBN 90 74822 27 4
110 blz. 27 x 19 cm
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Madagascar, the red island   Language: Language Dutch Language English

For years Madagascar has remained a mystery to the outside World. Today this unique island has attracted foreign travelers.

The country's largest attraction is its nature, over 90 percent of which consists of animals and plants that can only be found in Madagascar. Less conspicuous but nevertheless equally as interesting, are the numerous rituals and ceremonies of the Malagasy people. Madagascar, the red island, reveals the world of vibrant fectivals that form a part of such ceremonies as the reburial of the dead, the rituals of circumcision and the coronation of kings.
The seven chapters of the book set forth some of the many faces of this beautiful country and attempt to convey the feeling of enchantment that would be felt by the traveler to his 'red continent'. In addition it stands as a valuable reference work with over 300 colour illustrations, maps, glossary and indices.

ISBN 90 802656 3 2
159 pp. 29,5 x 24 cm
Hardback € 31,50

Vuurtorens, lichtschepen en kapen. Nautisch erfgoed van Nederland. By Peter Kouwenhoven.

This book describes the historic background of almost all still existing light houses, light ships and capes in the Netherlands. Beautiful colour photographs, old post cards, drawings and geographical maps are combined with a very informative and readable text. Never before the nautical heritage of the Netherlands has been documented in such a complete way.

Lighthouses stir the imagination. Every light house is connected with stories around the shipping industry and trade, storm tides, wars and the ever changing activities of light houses watchers. Most of these buildings are over hundred or two hundred years of age and stood the test of times. Details of their history are given in a lively way.

The book opens with an extensive introduction on the history of the coastal lights and beacons in the Netherlands, from Roman times to the present. This is followed by a tour through the various regions along our coast where all existing objects are listed, photographed and described, with a geographical map for location and the necessary technical information: name, geographical position, date of construction, designer, light character, light height, monument status.

Only a dutch edition.

Uitgever: Winco Publishing
ISBN: 978-90-802656-4-6
256 blz. 24,5 x 30,5 cm
Hardcover € 45

The enchanted heemparks of Amstelveen. By Ariën Slagt and Arlette Kouwenhoven.

Amstelveen’s heemparks are islands of peace and wonder, where plants and herbs that are indigenous to the Netherlands are shown in enchanting compositions. Wander in a typical Dutch polder landscape with pollard willows and reed lands in De Braak; repose in the romantic ʽgarden roomsʼ in the Dr. Jac P. Thijssepark, where rare varieties such as Marsh St. John’s Wort, Cranberry and Dwarf Cornel once again exhibit their fragile beauty; and make the most of your opportunity to admire the very rare Molinia meadows in the Dr. Koos Landwehrpark that were part of the eastern farmlands in days gone by. Experience the beauty of Dutch flora in any season during your stroll in these delightful parks.

Uitgever: LM Publishers
ISBN: 978-946022-2726
128 blz. 11,5 x 20 cm
Hardcover € 14,95
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